About us

Turn Mail Into Profit is a team of experts dedicated to helping you grow your Tax business with over 30 years of experience. We specialize in direct mail, postcard marketing, email and text services for the tax industry. Our company's motto is "we don’t succeed until you do".

What began over 30 years ago has now grown into a full service Marketing and Advertising business of direct marketing expertise specializing on the Tax Prep industry.

We can help put you on the map. We have successfully combined the processes of Graphic Design, Commercial Printing, Direct Mail, Targeted Market Research, emails and text messaging into a comprehensive advertising campaign, insuring that you can get the most out of every one of your advertising dollars.

Quality, Attention to Detail, Customer Service, and Reliability are our cornerstones. Our Direct Mail response rates average are 50% higher than the national average while our prices average 20 – 30% less than our competition.

What Makes us different

Direct mail is still the best and most cost-effective method to reach out and communicate with your customers but to be clear we are not just selling paper and ink or 2 mile circles on a map. You can get that anywhere. Printing Etc has been in the business of Tax prep advertising and marketing since 1984.

In today's business environment, it has become equally important to keep old customers as well as adding new ones. We can help you to make your existing customers feel important and valued and continue to add new customers at cost far below the average.

All of our mail campaigns are market tested and proved effective that reach out and grab your customers eye.. Plus our nine (9) point market research method is the best in the industry. We can get the right message into the hands of thousands of your potential customers at exactly the right time. That will work every time! So stop guessing when it comes to your Tax Business... put our 30 years experience to work for you.



Q: Can I change some things on the mailers? A: Of course, all of our mailers are completely customizable.
Q: Will you nickel and dime me for every little service you provide? A: Absolutely not. All of our pricing is all inclusive, so if we quote you 32¢ per piece, that includes everything.
Will I get to participate in selecting where and when we sent out our mailers? A: Yes,  with our research method we pull the data on your territory, then digest it down to a comprehensive report that will include, Average income, average age, % of renters, racial makeup then send that to you for your review. After that we can add or subtract anything you would like.
Q: do I know everything gets mailed out? A: We have been in business for over 30 years and have a long track record of integrity but in any case we will be happy to send you USPS postal receipts of all mailings or if you would prefer we could print, address and prep your mail and then send it to you and you can deliver it to your local Post Office. This way you will know that the mail was sent and when it should arrive in homes.
Q: How do I know what the best message to send out is? A: This is when our 30 years of experience with the tax industry really pays off. We will assist you in selecting a campaign that matches not only your goals but also your budget.
Q: Can I use my own artwork or idea for a campaign? A: Of course. No one knows you business like you do. Our job is to give you the best advice we can and after that do whatever you decide.